Monday, February 10, 2014

Spa and treat day (Cold stone review)

Ahhh...   Today, we finally had a chance to go to the spa with my cousin and aunt. I can feel my arms smooth and soft after all the scrubbing! Even though it is still in the high 70's in California, the hot tubs and sauna left me feeling warm and relaxed. Also, we still smell amazing and aromatic from lavender bath salts. Perfect!

It really feels good to take some time off to spend a day with family. 
And a cold dessert after can never go wrong either:)

 We were craving some Cold Stones, especially because we had a gift card to spend up. What's cool about Cold Stones is that in some locations, they toss the ice cream in the air and catch it in a cup, if you request. I've actually always wanted to work at this place, because the employees always seem to be having fun, and also because I want to make ice cream all day. And maybe sneak some in the process. Or a lot... 

Thank God for the gift card because the 2 ice creams we ordered were priced $11.
So not budget-friendly but totally worth it!

I ordered the 'Germanchökolätekäke' (trust me, I had a hard time ordering until i realized it said german chocolate cake, lol). It had chocolate ice cream for the base, with pecans, brownie bits, coconut, and hint of caramel. The coconut is what completed this savory combination, and the ice cream was sooo delicious and decadent. Only chocolate- lovers are allowed tho, because the flavor can get very intense.

My mom ordered the 'Founder's Favorite' in a waffle cone. The waffle cone looked a little strange, perhaps because it wasn't mended, but it still worked, whatever. Even though the order was a 'Like it' size, the cone was barely filled and the portion was very small for its price.. Still delicious tho!   

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